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Jun 14, 2006
TMC is very pleased to announce the gift of a conservation easement from Ms. Daphne Scott to TMC on her property which is located just a short distance north of the Myakka River


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PostHeaderIcon Myakka River Basin - History

Archaeologists have found human burials 10,000 years old underwater in Little Salt Springs and Warm Mineral Springs. More recently, Timucuans, Calusa, and then Seminole Indians used the basin.

In the 1840's governmental surveyors described the area as "third rate pineland." Settlers successively gathered turpentine from the pine trees, timbered the trees, and raised open range cattle in the basin. Eventually the cattle were fenced in large ranches. Mrs. Potter Palmer's ranch became Myakka River State Park.

By the 1970's one ranch had become the North Port and Port Charlotte subdivisions, and in the 1980's Sarasota County purchased 24,000 acres from the estate of developer John D. MacArthur to develop a park and wellfield.